Life Cycle Assessment and sustainable development

Mirko  Miseljic

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Life Cycle Assessment and sustainable development

Human activity is the main cause to environmental impacts. Thus, growth in population is a stressful factor to the environment, and the companies that are supplying goods and services to humans.

In line with the increasing pressure on the environment, and the need to limit the consequences of these, there is a need to quantify and reduce the environmental impacts that are related to running a company. Then, companies are able to set new environmental goals, in line with sustainable thinking, and perform environmental benchmarking of their actions.

Danish Technological Institute is through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an ISO 14040-series certified methodology, able to document environmental impacts that are occurring as a function of a company’s processes and products. For this purpose we collect company-specific process data and model the occurring process- and/or product related environmental impacts (e.g. cradle-to-grave).

How can Danish Technological Institute provide a more sustainable transition?

  • Quantification of environmental impacts (a wide range of global, regional and local impacts)
  • Reduction of environmental impacts (e.g. according to ISO 14001)
  • Environmental benchmarking of processes and/or products
  • Process and/or product optimization according to environmental profile (cradle-to-grave)
  • Reduction of resource use (energy, water etc.)
  • Environmental consulting in relation to authority regulations and economical aspects