Past events

MONTIE Workshop at Clima 2005, Lausanne, Switzerland, 12 October 2005

This international conference took place on October 9-12, 2005. The conference dealt with scientific trends and practical developments in heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing and ventilation technologies, also discussing the importance of and the implications of these trends for architecture and politics.Workshop - forside 1

The conference featured plenary and short presentations, poster sessions and workshops. A workshop presenting MONTIE ideas and ambitions was arranged with the organisers, with the goal of initiating discussions about the future needs for development work and information dissemination. More than 40 people attended the workshop.

Download the programme for the workshop here: 
DownloadClima 2005 Final Programme (43 KB) 

Download the workshop presentations here:  
 DownloadSateri and Drysdale Introduction.pdf (134 KB) 
 DownloadToftum.pdf (211 KB) 
 DownloadHök, Gløersen and Østbø.pdf (460 KB) 
 DownloadGravesen and Jensen.pdf (459 KB) 

The presentations and a summary from the workshop, including discussion subjects is available from the REHVA website at

Read more about the Clima conference, Clima 2007 at


Technological Advances for controlling indoor environment,
Copenhagen, 24 - 25 November 2005

This international workshop was held at The Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup (near Copenhagen) in Denmark on 24 – 25 November 2005. 50 people - mainly from the Nordic countries, but with representatives from 10 countries in all attended the workshop.

The workshop theme was "State-of-the-art" technology within the fields of IAQ, sensors, multisensors and HVAC systems, and included key-note presentations on user-driven issues and invited presentations on technology-driven issues. In addition, there was a small exhibition of company products and posters.Workshop - forside 2

More specifically the workshop addressed the following subjects:

  • Indoor air quality, sensors and measurements, wireless communication and other new technology
  • Intelligent HVAC installations and installation technology, including the use of sensors and coupling with security aspects
  • New business opportunities and challenges
  • Innovative solutions

Download the programme for the workshop here: 
DownloadMONTIE workshop (214 KB) 

Download the workshop presentations here: 
 Download1-1 Bjarne Olesen.pdf (2,3 MB) 
 Download1-2 Johnny Holst.pdf (1,1 MB) 
 Download1-3 Per Anker Jensen.pdf (1,9 MB) 
 Download1-4 Mads Mysen.pdf (118 KB) 
 Download1-5 Jens Møller Jensen.pdf (469 KB) 
 Download1-6 Arsen Melikov.pdf (1,7 MB) 
 Download2-1 Ralph Bernstein.pdf (1 MB) 
 Download2-2 Thomas Lentsch.pdf (1 MB) 
 Download2-3 Hans Martin.pdf (5 MB) 
 Download2-4 Jan Nielsen.pdf (164 KB) 
 Download2-5 Svein Anders Tunheim.pdf (2,5 MB) 
 Download2-6 Isabel Vergara.pdf (503 KB) 

MONTIE presentation at MSW 2006, Västerås, 9 - 10 May 2006

The preliminary results of the MONTIE project were presented at
MSW 2006 (, 9 - 10 May in Västerås, Sweden. The presentation can be downloaded here.MSW-logo
 DownloadMSW-Andy Drysdale.pdf (1,1 MB) 

Eurosensors XX (17 - 20 September 2006, Göteborg, Sweden)

A MONTIE workshop was held on Sunday 17 September as a satellite event to the Eurosensors conference. The goal of the workshop was to present a "sensors user perspective" and to discuss this with the "sensor research community" represented at Eurosensors. The workshop was a combination of short expert presentations and an open discussion forum to discuss the future needs and focus areas for sensor research efforts. The programme included the following topics:Eurosensors logo

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The importance of a "good" indoor environment now and in the future
  • Sensors and sensor technologies for measuring and controlling indoor environment parameters
    Metrology research trends related to temperature and humudity sensing
    The challenge of future HVAC installations - facing a paradigm shift?
  • IAQ (indoor air quality) sensorics today and tomorrow
  • Discussion forum: Future needs and focus areas for sensor research efforts

Download the workshop presentations here:
 DownloadAndy Drysdale (464 KB) 
 DownloadJørn Toftum (606 KB) 
 DownloadJan Nielsen (391 KB) 
 DownloadJens Møller Jensen (350 KB) 
 DownloadBertil Hök (940 KB) 

More information about Eurosensors is available from the Eurosensors website at

VVS-Dagene (18 - 20 October 2006, Lillestrøm, Norway)

A MONTIE workshop "Innovations in HVAC - Control, monitoring and wireless sensing" was held on 18 October 09.00 - 12.00. The presentations at the workshop will address the following topics:VVS-Dagene logo

  • Trends and drivers for innovative HVAC installations and control techniques
  • Future requirements for the indoor environment in living and working spaces (IQA, energy etc.)
  • The challenge of future HVAC installations - facing a paradigm shift?
  • IAQ (indoor air quality) sensorics today and tomorrow

The workshop programme (on page 2 of the conference programme) can be downloaded here  DownloadVVS-Dagene programme (821 KB)or from the VVS-Dagene website at

Download the workshop presentations here:
 DownloadJens Møller-Jensen VVS-Dagene (320 KB) 
 DownloadJørn Toftum VVS-Dagene (1,4 MB) 
 DownloadAndy Drysdale VVS-Dagene (2,5 MB) 
 DownloadPeter Østbø VVS-Dagene (6,4 MB) 

Montie workshop in Finland, 7 November 2006  

A workshop about "Future solutions for demand-controlled indoor environment: New sensor technologies, wireless communication and innovative HVAC systems" was held at the SAS hotel in Espoo for an invited target group.

Download the presentations here:
DownloadIntroduction (480 KB) 
DownloadAndy Drysdale (2,3 MB) 
DownloadBertil Hök (920 KB) 
DownloadJan Nielsen (395 KB) 
DownloadJens Møller Jensen (436 KB) 
DownloadOlli-Seppänen-1 (122 KB) 
DownloadOlli-Seppänen-2 (256 KB)