Project – The hybrid grip

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Project – The hybrid grip

Flexible Robotic Hand

Project start March 2009. Expected completion September 2012.

The Danish Technological Institute has, in collaboration with Danish project groups, been awarded funds from the Advanced Technology Fund to develop a new type of robotic hand – The Hybrid Hand. This involves many development areas, and new mechanical systems need to be found as well as control technologies and units.

Flexible robotic grips are close to achieving the flexibility of the human hand, which could result in many monotonous, exhaustive tasks being automated, which in turn could mean fewer production related tasks being exported to countries with low wage levels.

If the grip is placed in a complexity scale from 1- 5, 1 being grips created for the simplest handling processes and 5 for research in complex handling, existing grips lie in categories 1 – 2½

There is no commercial grip, at present in categories 2½ - 4½ and there are no grips in categories 2-5 which are acceptable for the food industry.

This is the area within which the Hybrid grip will mainly cover


___1_________2___  3___________       4______5_____

Griberobot 1Griberobot 2Griberobot 3Griberobot 4

 10.000          30.000        50.000 - 75.000    400.000 – 700.000  (DKK)

Of the collective budget of 9 million DKK for the development period of three years, The Advanced Technology Fund supports the project with a donation of 5 million Danish kroner. With the involvement of the named partners below, great expertise in the field of robotic automation is gathered, thereby placing the complex task in the right hands. 


  • The Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Robot Technology; has the required strategic knowledge to introduce robotic solutions to Danish industry
  • Eltronic A/S; has practical experience with automation of complex tasks with robotics
  • Kaj Verner Madsen; has experience with programming management steering systems for advanced tooling
  • Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute at The University of Southern Denmark; develops robots and corresponding   unit accessories
  • Schunk Intec; have a solid knowledge of European market requirements