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87488 - Agile Product Owner 360 - the full perspective

Agile Product Owner 360 - the full perspective

The goAgile “Creating Product Owners Who Create Results” course provides advanced learning about Agile product ownership, defining benefits and delivering real value, facilitation, requirements management, backlog refinement, stakeholder management and leadership skills. The course is a mix of lecture, practical hands-on exercises and cases from various Agile projects to illustrate the principles being explored.Agile Product Owners understand the importance of setting and communicating the strategy and clear goals, creating an environment in which people want to work and not have to work – and know exactly what to deliver – based on maximizing value.All written course materials are in English. Most of the teaching is in English, but participants can easily speak Danish during the course.Participants may choose to take an online certification themselves after taking this course (PSPO1 at If you choose to do so our Instructor will be more than happy to stay after the last day of the course to give extra advice concerning the certification.



All course activities vil be evaluated by the participants

The evaluation is based on: 18 participants


Product owners, project leaders, programme managers, and other managers


Day 1: The overview

  • Features vs. benefits
  • Value (how to get to it, how to communicate it, how to measure it)
  • Agile, Scrum and Product Ownership
  • Facilitative leadership

Day 2: Digging down

  • Requirements management
  • Establishing the backlog
  • Modelling techniques
  • Handling the delivery engine
  • Master planning and prioritization
  • Demos and retrospectives

Day 3: Bringing it into play

  • Backlog refinement practices
  • Business advisor network
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Team performance and motivation
  • The Agile mindset


Instructor is Jenni Jepsen from goAgile. Jenni speaks, writes and consults worldwide on how organizations can increase business value. Her focus is on helping individuals, teams and organizations increase motivation, effectiveness, and transparency at every level. Jenni has extensive experience in change leadership and communications, and has her certificate in NeuroLeadership, is a certified Strategic Play© with LEGO® Serious Play™ facilitator and a DSDM certified Agile Project Leader.

Read Jenni’s article on the “Neuroscience of Agile Leadership

Read more about Agile Projects here

Do you have any course related questions, please contact