Food contact materials

Inge Bondgaard Nielsen

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Food contact materials

Food manufacturing companies need an in-house control which proves that the material and article in contact with food comply with the legislation in EU’s Regulation No 1935/2004.
Danish Technological Institute possesses considerable experience in providing consultancy and guidance to the industry documenting the compliance of the food contact materials.

Topics of Food Contact Materials where Danish Technological Institute can help you

  • Course in documentation-of-compliance of food contact materials focusing on risk factor assessment, traceability and the declaration of compliance.
  • Does the legislation extend your company? Consultancy concerning 
    Implementing traceability of the food contact materials and
    Working out the declaration of compliance for these.
  • Global and specific migration to food simulants.
  • Sensory analysis proving no deterioration in the organoleptic characteristic of the food in compliance with article 3 in EU’s Regulation No 1935/2004.

Danish Technological Institute also provides consultancy and guidance concerning

  • Specific migration from products for monomers, additives, solvents, phthalates and heavy metals.
  • Test of material properties to document durability and performance characteristics.
  • Food safety and hygienic design in production facilities.