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Kasper Birkeholm Munk

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Market analyses

It is important to analyse the market before developing and launching new products and technologies.
The development and introduction of a new product on the market is very cost-intensive, and unsuccessful introductions to market can be disastrous for many companies.     

A thorough market analysis is a key element in the development of new ideas, products and markets. Market analysis contributes systematic knowledge about market conditions – knowledge that is essential for taking a position on the potential of ideas. In the same way, market analysis may contribute to point out interesting holes in the market that could become the object of focused innovation. 

Among other things, The Danish Technological Institute can help you

  • Search the market for competing products, solutions and technologies for your ideas
  • Obtain information about relevant competitors
  • Analyse client–user demands in the market, based on your idea, if possible
  • Identify your target group in the market
  • Ensure the correct go-to-market strategy
  • Utilize your IPR in the market in the best possible way.