Nano- og mikroprocesteknologi

Nano and microprocess technology

We focus on industrial utilisation of nano-microtechnology and have established process facilities of European standards. Surface structuring and coating on a nano-micro scale can bring new and unique characteristics to your product, which will improve the quality of the product and raise customer satisfaction. This is known as ‘surface engineering’ – a typical add-on technology for existing products. We develop processes and offer contract production from pilot scale level to actual mass production. Furthermore, we asses your new technologies, processes and equipment which you subsequently will be able to implement into your company.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Laser microprocessing – production of new and precise structural details on a micrometer scale
  • Assessment of laser technology as a solution to your problem
  • Development of hydrophobic, oleophobic coatings for protection of products against damp:  so-called damp insulation layer
  • Contract production of coatings for hearing aids and headsets: damp and ear wax protection
  • Non-stiction coatings for wafers and stamps for nanoimprint lithography
  • Development of new atomic/molecular coatings as solution for a specific task
  • Pilot production followed by transfer of technology to companies in or outside of Denmark
  • Validation of processes
  • Consultancy on nanoproduction
  • Project partnership nationally and internationally



Leif Højslet Christensen

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Nano- and Microtechnology
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