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72790 - Online kursus Basic Presentation Skills Collection
365 days online course

Online Course: Basic Presentation Skills Collection

Gain insight into how you can improve your presentation abilities. This collection of courses gives you the tools for planning, create and perform presentations with enthusiasm – without anxiety. The course is in English and you can take it online when it suits you. You will have access to the online course for 365 days.


Learn how to plan, create and deliver the perfect presentation

Even the most experienced public speakers can experience nerves before a major presentation. The successful ones, however, have learned how to make those nerves work for them. This collection of courses identify four key components on how you succeed as a performer 1. Planning the presentation where you among other identify the value of knowing your audience, 2. Creating a presentation where you learn how to make the key parts of a presentation (introduction, support content, and conclusion), 3. Delivering the presentation where you learn how to communicate with enthusiasm without anxiety, and 4. Handling questions from the audience.



Target audience

Individuals who want to improve their presentation skills


  • Learn how to plan a presentation

  • Learn how to create a presentation step-by-step

  • Learn how to deliver a presentation successful and memorable – without anxiety

  • Learn how to deal with difficult questions from the audience

Collection content

This collection provides access to several courses designed by experienced subject matter experts and course designers. For informal learning and performance support, the collection includes materials and books from leading publishers and access to videos.

Here are a few of the many topics covered in the collection:

Basic Presentation Skills: Planning a Presentation
This course examines how to plan a presentation, while exploring how to improve presentations by looking at three key steps - analyzing your audience, organizing your ideas, and selecting an appropriate presentation method.

Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a Presentation
This course explores how to make a presentation 1) the introduction, 2) support content, and 3) conclusion. It also examines the purposes for which different presentation aids are used, as well as how to use visuals appropriately. Finally, this course describes how to rehearse a presentation – a key step in building confidence for the real thing.

Basic Presentation Skills: Delivering a Presentation
This course explores how to make your delivery successful and memorable. It covers techniques for managing stage fright, how to set the right environment for your presentation, and how to use your voice and body language to deliver your message clearly and effectively.

Handling Difficult Questions as a Presenter
This course explore how to open up a dialogue between you as a presenter and the audience, and how you deal with difficult questions from the audience.


The entire course collection can be completed in around 4 timer.


When you sign up for a collection of courses, you will get access to a relevant selection of courses for the next 365 days. Each course is divided into several modules. From the summary menu you can choose the order in which you wish to go through the modules. The contents are explained through sound, pictures and text – and some modules contain short videos with scenarios and case studies. Each course gives you the opportunity to test your comprehension of the subject with tests before, during and after completing the course. To take the online courses you will need a computer or tablet with sound device and internet access. You choose when you want to take a course, and you can pause it during a session – bookmarks will keep track of how far you have progressed.

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