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72764 - Online kursus Recruiting and Retention Strategies Collection
365 days online course

Online Course: Recruiting and Retention Strategies Collection

Get the tools for developing and implementing recruiting strategies. Gain insight into the basic elements of implementing a successful strategy of employee retention. The course is in English and you can take it online when it suits you. You will have access to the online course for 365 days.


A comprehensive collection of Recruitment and Retention Strategies

One of the most significant challenges to the growth and survival of any business is finding and retaining qualified employees. It's not enough to offer an appealing, unique product or service to your customers. A company's people are the new competitive advantage. Those responsible for staffing organizations are not only challenged with finding adequate potential employees, but also finding the right people for the positions they need to fill. Employee retention remains a critical issue that no corporation is immune to. For a company to remain successful and competitive, it must keep its biggest assets – its people – engaged and committed for the long term. This collection explores strategies for recruiting effectively and retaining employees.



Target audience

Existing human resource professionals, managers, directors, executives, and business owners working in medium to large organizations, governmental agencies, or nonprofit organizations, along with those in training for such positions. Furthermore, this collection supports individuals responsible for managing personnel occasionally, as well as students preparing to enter the workforce, entry level employees who have just entered the workforce and mid-level employees looking to refresh their skills.


  • Importance of effective recruitment practices in a talent management strategy
  • Recognize how to implement an effective retention strategy
  • Maintaining a competitive hiring advantage
  • Aligning recruitment to job requirements
  • Preventing high turnover rates
  • Disciplines of organizational learning: Personal Mastery
  • Surviving the talent crunch
  • Final exam: Recruiting and Retention Strategies

Collection content

This collection provides access to several courses designed by experienced subject matter experts and course designers. For informal learning and performance support, the collection includes materials and books from leading publishers and access to videos.

Here are a few of the many topics covered in the collection:

Recruiting Talent
Explores two aspects of recruitment as one component of a sustainable talent management strategy: attracting the talent needed to meet the company's needs, and using innovative recruiting techniques to find the right people. Learners will explore how to consider the needs of the organization balanced against the expectations and needs of the potential employee who comprise the talent market.
Retaining Your Talent Pool
Get an overview of employee retention strategies. Specifically, you'll explore the elements of a high-retention organization and the procedure for implementing a successful retention strategy. This course also covers employee engagement, including identifying and enhancing engagement drivers, measuring engagement, and executing an engagement strategy.
Fringe Benefits: Maintaining a Competitive Hiring Advantage
This Business Impact explores the changing landscape of employee remuneration and the role that fringe benefits can play in giving your company a competitive edge.
Aligning Recruitment to Job Requirements
Recruiting effectively means aligning recruitment practice to job requirements. Here we discuss why composing comprehensive and accurate job descriptions is such an important part of the recruiting process.
Preventing High Turnover Rates: How to Keep the Best
While some turnover is unavoidable, companies must take proactive steps minimize its effect. This Business Impact explores retention strategies for holding on to top performers.
Disciplines of Organizational Learning: Personal Mastery
The various models of organizational learning enable individuals or groups to systematically enhance abilities to produce a desired outcome. This Business Impact considers the benefits of one specific form of organizational learning: Personal Mastery.
Surviving the Talent Crunch
Attracting new talent and reserving knowledge capital are crucial to the survival of any organization. This challenge explores avenues for getting ahead of a talent crunch.
Final Exam: Recruiting and Retention Strategies
Generally taken near the end of a program, enables the learner to test their knowledge in a testing environment.


The entire course collection can be completed in around 8 hours

Features / How does it work?

When you sign up for a collection of courses, you will get access to a relevant selection of courses for the next 365 days. Each course is divided into several modules. From the summary menu you can choose the order in which you wish to go through the modules. The contents are explained through sound, pictures and text – and some modules contain short videos with scenarios and case studies. Each course gives you the opportunity to test your comprehension of the subject with tests before, during and after completing the course. To take the online courses you will need a computer or tablet with sound device and internet access. You choose when you want to take a course, and you can pause it during a session – bookmarks will keep track of how far you have progressed.

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