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Åben innovation

Open innovation

Companies that not only develop “indoor” but are open to innovation from outside, work with “open innovation”. Such involvement of external parties into an innovation process has many successful stories attached to it. Open innovation describes both an approach and a commercial strategy where it is recognized that innovative solutions can be created outside the company and be brought to the company.

The distinctive feature of open innovation as a development model is the possibility of involving different parties with competences, knowledge and interests within different aspects of the innovation process and, in that way, benefiting from the differences. We are engaged in creating good collaboration across organizations, between companies, private persons or experts where considerations concerning the final solution, rights and resources are in focus. We are ready to work as a third party in an open innovation alliance as a process planner, and as a facilitating and process controlling element to ensure that collaboration, competences and knowledge are implemented as well as possible.

Among other things, the Danish Technological Institute can help you with

  • Development and adaptation of open innovation processes, methods and tools specifically for your challenge. 
  • Preparation and facilitating of the processes
  • Preparation of collaboration, confidence and rights agreements
  • Identification of relevant collaboration partners and focus on this collaboration
  • As a smaller company getting started with open innovation in our project Next Practise, new forms of innovation and, in that way, overcoming the first barriers.