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Robot Technology - Expertise

Robotics involves many different skills in various combinations. Below you will find links to pages that give an overview of our expertise.

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Robotgriber, der holder et æble.

Grippers / grasping

We give advise on choosing the right gripper for a particular automation task. We also construct bespoke grippers for special tasks and develop new types of grippers.


Programmering af robot

Robot Programming

DTI has experts familiar with all robot brands. We can give advice regarding robot programming and develop robot programs for you.


kameraer og skærm

Object recognition

We devise appropriate sensor systems for the task at hand. One common task in flexible handling is object recognition, for which we normally use cameras.  Special vision algorithms enable the robot to select, grasp and place given objects, and perform quality inspection and sorting tasks.


Laser Scanning

Different types of laser scanners are used in to produce rugged industrial solutions within areas such as safety, position estimation, quality and overall process optimisation.


Hånd der tegner graf. Produktionsoptimering.

Production optimisation / LEAN

In today's global world, efficient productivity determines whether companies can succeed in international competition. We help to optimise production, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence

We can analyse your production and identify which data is generated by your production processes and how this data can be used as a basis for analysis and decision-making.


Simulering af workspace på computer.

Simulation / virtual production

Virtual production on DTI’s simulators allows people to quickly simulate small and large adjustments in production. This provides a cheap method of assessing the consequences of such changes before modifying the physical process line.



Thermographic inspection

Thermography is widely used to follow temperature changes, study hidden surfaces such as joints in airplanes, and for security and surveillance. DTI is researching ways to automate these types of thermographic inspection.