500 Guests Visited the Future at the Danish Technological Institute

Kurt  Nielsen

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500 Guests Visited the Future at the Danish Technological Institute

500 guests, 30 robots in operation and a fantastic Open House. On the occation of the European Robotics Week, DTI opened the doors to its robotics and welfare technology facilities in Odense, so that manufacturing companies, municipalities and other relevant actors could have a look at the futuristic technologies that are waiting around the corner.

Visitors were allowed to see and sometimes touch the industrial robots, service robots and welfare technology on display, and could learn about Industry 4.0, automation and production optimization and how it might affect them or be used by them. The DIRA Roadshow set up in the neighbouring building as the culmination of their tour of Denmark, so visitors could see both exhibitions in the same event.

- We really want to highlight the opportunities inherent in these technologies and show both what can be bought today and also tomorrow, says Robot Technology Director Kurt Nielsen from DTI and continues.

- We had over 500 guests. We see this as an expression of a growing awareness and interest in the opportunities presented by robotics. More and more companies have seen that robotics is a road you have to travel if you want to be and remain competitive.

See some highlights in the video above and hear the participants say what they got out of their visit to DTI.