Audit of Sanitation Procedures

Anette Granly Koch

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Audit of Sanitation Procedures

External partners often carry out cleaning and sanitation in food processing companies. Mostly a contract between the parties regulates the service. The aim of a DMRI audit is to improve cleaning and sanitation quality and to ensure hygiene and food safety.   

Mostly the results of executing a DMRI audit provides basis for improvements in the quality of cleaning and sanitation.

Generally cleaning is an expensive must. Though expensive, cleaning is often problematic. DMRI has developed methods and techniques that can be used to improve cleaning quality at reduced costs. 

Cleaning of production areas is costly for the Companies and it has an environmental impact as well.Therefore it makes sense to go through the cleaning processes as the saving potential is significant.

DMRI has many years of experience in optimizing the cleaning processes in food companies. We have a holistic approach to the area, and we ensure that the review is done with a focus on food safety, hygiene, aesthetics and the saving potential.

Besides the focus on optimizing the cleaning processes for direct cost saving, DMRI can help you with:

  • Tracking of unwanted sources of contamination
  • Optimizing of SSOP
  • General improvement of cleaning standards