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Business and Society

Jane Anette Wickmann

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Uddannelse i innovation

Business and Society

The division is at the forefront of improving enterprise performance through enterprise intervention and through policy advice and support. Services include innovative deployment of technologies to improve productivity and the working environment, methods to enhance the entrepreneurial and innovative performance of companies, and knowledge brokering to match enterprise needs with global specialist knowledge. At the policy level we provide advice on sustainable growth and improved citizen services to governments, the EU Commission, and international agencies.



Jane Wickmann
Vice President
Business and Society
Telephone +45 7220 2601

Policy and Business Analysis
Director Karsten F. Hougaard
Telephone +45 7220 2886

Ideas and Innovation
Director Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann
Telephone +45 7220 1421

Director Janice Dyrlund Høst
Telephone +45 7220 3057