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Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Products (CANMET)

Mette  Glavind

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Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Products (CANMET)

Article by Mette Glavind, Svend Röttig, Danish Technology Institute, Concrete Centre and Jesper Sand Damtoft, Aalborg Portland.
Published at: CANMET/ACI International Conference, September 2001, San Fransisco. The conference was cancelled because of terror in United States in September 2001. The enroled articles was published.

The objective of the Brite Euram project "Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Products" (TESCOP) was to develop and test cost-effective cleaner technologies for the concrete industry. Based on life cycle inventories (LCI) and on political scenarios, i.e. a listing of all environmental impacts in the life cycle, and priority lists of environmental parameters, decisions on development of cleaner technologies have been made. Examples of cleaner technologies are environmental evaluation of admixtures and repair products, and water saving and pH-regulation in concrete manufacturing.

Keywords: Admixtures, carbonation, cleaner technology, CO2 emissions, energy, life cycle inventory, repair products, residual products, water saving.