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Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Products (TESCOP) - Abstract

Mette  Glavind

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Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Products (TESCOP) - Abstract

By Head of Section, M.Sc., Ph.D., Mette Glavind, Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre.
Published at: ECCREDI Workshop, Prague, 2000

The main industrial objective of TESCOP is to develop cost-effective cleaner technologies to fulfil environmental requirements in the concrete industry and to reduce the environmental impact of the concrete products.

The results of TESCOP are 14 developed cleaner technologies in the life cycle of concrete products and a methodology for the selection of areas to develope cleaner technologies.

The methodology consists of a software programme to carry out LCI, a huge amount of environmental data on concrete products, political scenarios regarding priorities of environmental impacts in Europe and in the countries represented in the project and LCI on selected products.

The cleaner technologies represents a broad spectrum of solutions aimed at reducing different environmental impacts such as water consumption, hazardous substances in waste water, working environment, materials resource consumption, energy consumption, substances harmful to health and environment, CO2 emission and NOx emission. The cleaner technologies represent solutions in all five life cycle phases, however, with a focus on life cycle phase 2 concrete production.

See the enclosed pdf-file: