Community-based innovation - Case: VEGA

Jane  Hagelskjær

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Community-based innovation - Case: VEGA

The venue Vega is participating in the innovation consortium Community-Based Innovation to find out how the overall concert experience can be improved in a way that also creates value for Vega. Particularly, the use of mobile technologies enabling the collection, analysis and visualization of large volumes of data is an promising way to go.

The process: Input - focus and conscious decisions:
• Big data and personal informatics • The experience before, during and after the concert  • Your Concert

Input – focus and conscious decisions
Big data, personal informatics and Internet of Things are areas that are very interesting in these years, where sensors and microprocessors are included in all sorts of devices allowing them to capture different kinds of activities and communicate it via the Internet. Through this, it becomes possible to get insight into our behavior in relation to the contexts we are part of.

The concert experience may not be limited to being present in the concert premises of Vega, and we should therefore also think about what could be relevant to the customers both before and after.

To get insight into how people actually act in concerts, the researchers took part in three different 'Your Concert' events at Ideal Bar. Here, they gathered input for the generation of ideas, which subsequently took place jointly with some of Vega’s employees.

Throughput – activities and concepts:
• Observations, interventions and interviews at Ideal Bar during three Your Concert arrangements
• Workshop with Vega employees on the use of data
• Drafts for five concepts that open up to dialogue among the audience, between audience and artist or between audience and the physical interior

Throughput – activities and concepts
At the workshop, the employees contributed first of all with knowledge about which customer data that could be useful for Vega to analyze. Special attention was pointed to demographic data and data that could help optimize the logistics of the concerts, such as the number of bartenders. In addition, it could be interesting to have an overview of external factors such as other events on the same evening and the collective atmosphere, as well as to tap into the music streaming services, playlists, social media and other concerts the audience attended in order to identify what people share, discuss and what preferences they have. The goal is to prepare the audience for a good concert experience and to construct the ideal set list, etc.

The employees were then asked to imagine new unique experiences for the visitors of Vega, which resulted in visions of possibilities for stimulating the senses and forgetting about everyday life, for breaking the social rules, for becoming a part of a whole and for moving beyond the traditional venue.

The essence of these five concepts that were outlined in parallel with the other activities is an effort to connect concertgoers and potential customers before, during and after the concerts, enabling for a co-creation of enhanced concert experiences and the possibility to spread the word about them.

Output - learning and results:
At the moment, there are two concepts which are being developed further:
• Orchestrate Vega
• Vega Personality
By means of smartphones, which concertgoers are often using anyway,  these concepts aim to capture the more invisible qualities of a concert experience.
This may be the sweet spot that both Vega and visitors can benefit from.

Output – learning and results
An extension of this effort is to proceed working on an idea of experience tags, i.e. ways to capture experiences in order for them to be shared and contribute to social interaction.

Orchestrate Vega means that the concertgoers together produce a live recording of the concert via an app. Each person records a bit of the concert with his or her smartphone from where the person stands, and other app users may then like or comment on any of the sequences in connection with the completion of the final version. The app also collects data through sensors, so that information about the music such as bpm and movements can be linked to the contents of the production and possibly combined with the users’ Spotify-playlists, which can be attached. Hereby, the concertgoer can review a concert, reflect upon it and discuss its special moments.

Vega Personality consists in aggregating data from a person’s different concert experiences and hereby over time creating an individual concert personality profile, which can be compared to the collective experience of different concerts. The data underlying the presentation of the personality profile is collected from an app and comprise movement, sound intensity, playlists, Instagram pictures, Twitter posts, Facebook activities, etc. In line with the use of the app a pattern occurs, which is presented visually. How the user ascribes meaning to the data is up to each individual user, but the main idea is to enable the sharing of music experiences and especially match making by allowing each user to dive into his or her own and other concert personality profiles. Hereby, you can learn to know yourself better and find like-minded with the same taste in music. This concept links to a trend in time, which is about quantifying yourself – Quantified Self.

The smartphone applications will of course be introduced by Vega, but as the “work” is organized as a social production which can offer users the experience of gaining benefits such as the opportunity to re-view the concerts or to find others to attend concerts with, it is not a community explicitly controlled and used by Vega – they merely observe and analyze it.

Through facilitating the collection and sharing of experiences in accessible, engaging and fun ways, Vega may potentially get access to business intelligence that can contribute to customizing and improving the customer experience or even be sold to others. In addition, there is a research interest of monitoring how information is presented and ascribed meaning.


The innovation consortium Community-Based Innovation focuses on the ways in which the connection between groups of people and technology may create value for businesses and organizations.  Based on this and other cases we work to create a systematic approach for businesses that wish to enhance their approach to communities. If you wish to know more about CBI or have comments and inputs to the work of the innovation consortium, you are more than welcome to contact us.