Community-based innovation - CBI, the digital innovation perspective

Jane  Hagelskjær

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Community-based innovation - CBI, the digital innovation perspective

The Community-based innovation methods are rooted in theory and practice juxtaposing ICT, sociology and linguistics. Deploying open engagement models from Quarterback Innovation and incorporating CIS methods into an organization, the community-based innovation methodologies are equally founded on principles of inclusion and open innovation whilst focusing on digitalization as a tool in designing, facilitating and executing innovation endeavors.

The community-based innovation process encompasses online co-creation and crowdsourcing techniques in open source platforms, via social technology – i.e. Apps for smartphones, or wearables. Through extensive applied research-based experimentation, the methodologies offer:

  • Actionable tools for evaluating digital maturity of an organization, a team or a community body external to the organization
  • Identification of innovative synergies in the alignment of internet of things, places and people
  • Best-practice methods for community management of innovation processes in online and mixed settings
  • Facilitation of bottom-up crowdsourcing initiatives enabling the community through the use of open source or software as a service tools
  • Semantic analysis of dialogue identifying, among other types, change agents and disruptors to be integrated in an organizational change management perspective
  • Identification and surpassing cultural bias in community engagement processes to ensure democratization regardless of native language and social norms
  • Recommendations for further innovation processes based on community insights for internal as well as external communities.