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Concrete for the Øresund Tunnel

Dorthe  Mathiesen

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Concrete for the Øresund Tunnel

Article by Christian Munch-Petersen, Project Manager Anette Berrig, Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre, Göran Fagerlund, Lunds Tekniska Högskola and Erik Skotting, Øresundskonsortiet.
Published at: Icelandic Concrete Day, 1997.

A comprehensive concrete specification has been prepared to control the quality of the concrete for the Øresund Link. The required service life of the structure is 100 years in environmental conditions that are aggressive to concrete; marine environment, deicing agents, freeze-thaw action, water pressure etc.

This paper gives a short review of the most important requirements for the concrete to be used for the 3,510 m long immersed tunnel from Amager (outside Copenhagen Airport) to an artificial island south of Saltholm (in the middle of Øresund). The basis for the requirements is shortly commented.