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Cookie file policy

What is a cookie file?

A cookie file is a small file, which we will save on your electronic device (computer, cell phone or tablet etc.) in order to manage which webpages you are looking at during your visit at our website. Furthermore we will register which kind of electronic device you are using.  

Cookies cannot be used to identifying who you are or where you live nor whether your electronic device is used by one person or more than one person.
A cookie file is not a PC programme and the file will not be virus infected.

Danish Technological Institute make use of cookie files
At the Danish Technological Institute’s websites we primarily make use of cookie files for website analyses to improve the users’ experiences  when visiting our websites. We also use cookie files in order to register web orders, contact information and chat conversations. Cookie files are also used for purposes like targeting of internet advertising. Furthermore we use cookie files for services embedded at our websites like videos, social plugins and other document files.

Rejection of cookie files
At any time you can reject use of cookie files at your electronic device by changing the settings in your webbrowser. You will have to take notice that if you block for use of cookie files there will be some limitations in service availability and usability at the website since the website is supposed to recognize your web sessions.

Deletion of cookie files
Cookie files you have accepted earlier on can easily be deleted. Cookie files can be deleted in your webbrowser. Depending on which webbrowser you  are using there is a possibility of deleting the cookie files in the settings of your  webbrowser.