Denmark – a Country of Solutions - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education

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Denmark – a Country of Solutions - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education

Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Policy and Business Analysis, has prepared a background report in support of the implementation of the new Danish innovation strategy with specific focus on the  higher education area.

If the vision of Denmark as a country of solutions is to be realised it will require substantial innovations in institutional strategies, pedagogical practices, internal and external collaboration across traditional demarcations and institutional structures, examination and test forms and incentive structures.

On the one hand, the Danish innovation strategy for higher education is founded on the experiences that many institutions have made with entrepreneurship education integrated in curriculum or as extra curricula activities. On the other hand, the strategy is far more ambitious in so far that the goal is that all students should learn through innovation regardless of area of study to the benefit of future students and our society at large.

Data from the OECD show that the number of graduates  with a higher education   qualification increases every year across the globe. Consequently, benchmarks for educational achievement in terms of qualification levels are not necessarily a robust indicator of a country’s actual human capital. The implementation of the innovation strategy can happen in many ways depending on the goals and characteristics of the education programmes. However, strong partnerships, including networks with former students and civil society, will strengthen the culture of innovation in higher education.

The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education commissioned the report as inspiration for the further institutional work.

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You can download and read the report by clicking here