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DMRI was a supplier to a new beef slaughter plant

Niels Toftelund Madsen

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DMRI was a supplier to a new beef slaughter plant

During the spring of 2014, a new Danish Crown beef slaughter plant was set into operation. DMRI was strongly involved in the project. We had the responsibility of supplying part of the factory ITsystem at the MES level, as well as design and project management tasks for the processes of cutting, minced meat and packaging.

The DMRI IT supply for the new beef slaughter plant covers data capture, data management, carcass and quarter sorting and traceability. The DMRI MES solution provides full control of MES data from the time the live cattle arrives, until the carcasses are dispatched for deboning or dispatched to clients as quarters. The touch screen solutions for traceability, veterinary registrations, grading and sorting tasks are keys to an efficient and modern beef slaughter process.

DMRI offer state-of-the-art consultancy in factory IT at the MES level as well as design and project management for pork and beef slaughter plants. One of our core competences is to assist the companies in obtaining solutions that provide high eating quality, food safety and maximal shelf life in retail meat packages.