Survey of Environmental Aspects of the Danish Concrete Industry

Claus Vestergaard Nielsen

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Survey of Environmental Aspects of the Danish Concrete Industry

By Project Manager, M.Sc., Ph.D. Mette Glavind and Project Manager, B.Sc. Marlene Haugaard, Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre
Published in: Publication No. 22, Nordic Concrete Research, The Nordic Concrete Federation 1/1999.

There is no doubt that the environmental aspects will be important in the future, also in connection with cement and concrete. This is mainly because the consumption of these materials is large. The concrete industry in Denmark has considerable experience in dealing with the environmental aspects.

This article describes environmental activities in Denmark related to concrete, including the state of affairs for environmental data accessible to the public, the different environmental disciplines, experience with cleaner technologies and environmental communication systems. An overview of important, completed and ongoing projects is included. Further, future aspects of concrete and the environment are described.

Key words: Concrete, environmental data, cleaner technology, Life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental management.