Humidity and Air Temperature

Mette  Pedersen

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Humidity and Air Temperature

Very often measuring of air humidity and air temperature is critical, i.e. in connection with indoor climate and ventilation or storing of food products, pharmaceutics, textile, paper and many other products where it is required that the humidity is kept within certain limits. In the case of air temperature measurements it is important that the equipment is calibrated in air as close to the conditions of use as possible. Otherwise large errors due to i.e. sensor self-heat can be made.

The Humidity Laboratory offers calibration of relative humidity, dewpoint and air temperature in a large measurement range. Furthermore, we offer testing of sensors i.e. for determining non-linearity, cross-sensitivity effects, etc. as well as temperature and humidity tests of other products.

For humidity measurements we use state-of-the-art chilled mirror hygrometers as reference instruments. For the generation of well-defined conditions in terms of humidity and temperature the laboratory uses a climatic chamber and a dewpoint generator. The ranges covered with this equipment are: 0.2 % - 95 % relative humidity, -75 °C to 70 °C dewpoint temperature and -70 °C to 180 °C air temperature.

We regularly invite industry and laboratories to participate in accredited intercomparisons - see

The laboratory is accredited by The Danish Accreditation Service (DANAK) in the ranges
0.2 % - 95 % relative humidity, -75 °C to 70 °C dewpoint temperature and -40 °C to 90 °C air temperature – see registration no. 200 for detailed specifications of the calibration services and uncertainties.

We offer calibration of instruments for Relative humidity, Dewpoint and Air-temperature 

Relative Humidity

  • Relative humidity transmitters
  • Capacitive and resistive humidity sensors and indicators
  • Electrolytic humidity sensors
  • Psychrometers
  • Hair-hygrometers
  • Thermo-hygrographs
  • Dataloggers


  • Chilled mirror hygrometers
  • Capacitive and resistive dewpoint sensors and indicators
  • Dewpoint transmitters

Air Temperature

  • RTD sensors and indicators
  • Thermistors
  • Thermo anemometers
  • Heated film sensors with indicator