Competence Centre for animal welfare on the day of slaughter

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Competence Centre for animal welfare on the day of slaughter

Methods for food production are brought strongly into focus. Animal welfare is part of the ethical dimension.

DMRI is a strong adviser and partner within the topic animal welfare on the day of slaughter. DMRI has a special strength in combining qualifications within animal welfare and technical solutions with measurement technology. This ensures that our advice and development projects result in solutions that can be implemented at small as well as large slaughterhouses. DMRI has a number of research and development activities within this field, ensuring that the qualifications continue to develop. Through many years, DMRI has assisted in development and implementation of systems and procedures contributing to proper animal welfare.

The handling of live animals before slaughter is one of the subjects for constant attention and discussion. The European Commission has agreed upon a plan of action concerning protection and welfare for animals. An upgrading of the minimum standards for animal welfare and the introduction of the standardized indicators for animal welfare are two of these subjects. Furthermore, the EU has agreed upon a new regulation (1099/2009) to ensure procedures and documentation for increased animal welfare at slaughter. Consumers, markets and interest groups have also formed a line of demands for animal welfare. To be abreast of future demands of an ethical sustainable production it is necessary to continue to develop and implement concepts for a more gentle handling of animals for slaughter and methods to document a high ethical level towards authorities and consumers.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Audit procedures and equipment for handling of animals for slaughter
  • Implement systems and procedures for control of animal welfare at the slaughterhouse
  • Optimize systems and procedures for handling of animals for slaughter
  • Training