Danish Technological Institute permanently in Poland

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Danish Technological Institute permanently in Poland

Danish Technological Institute has per March 31st 2008 acquired a majority share of FIRMA2000 a Limited Liability Company located in Warsaw.
FIRMA2000 was founded in 1999 and its focus is on development and marketing of processes and systems that assist customers in achieving higher levels of productivity and efficiency. FIRMA2000 has a permanent staff of 12 including the present and future management of Marcin Opas and Janusz Sytek.

Update: FIRMA2000 is now called DTI Polska.

The acquisition is based on a profitable long-term relationship between Danish Technological Institute and FIRMA2000 realised through a number of large training projects funded by EU and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
More than 12.000 employees and SME-owners have received training through the projects FIRMA2000 and Danish Technological Institute jointly have implemented in 13 of the overall 16 regions of Poland. A huge network of local partners has been developed all over Poland, and this network will be further developed during the coming years.

The future business
The future business will – on a short to medi­um term – be built on activities within management of training and consulting projects under the EU Structural Funds programme for Poland 2007-2013. Especially the operational programme for Human Capital is well suited for the competences of FIRMA2000 and Danish Technological Institute. But also the programmes for Innovative Economy, the Development of Eastern Poland and the 16 Regional Operational programmes will be tar­geted by FIRMA2000 and Danish Technological Institute during the coming 3-5 years.

From a Danish point of view, Danish Technological Institute will be able to offer assistance to Danish companies already estab­lished in Poland on access to the large development subsidies available for businesses in Poland.

A strong partner
- FIRMA2000 will be a strong partner also for Danish companies in Poland looking for a way to benefit from the EU investment and human capital subsidies, says Lars Drejer, Project Manager, International Centre at Danish Technological Institute and the Chairman of the Board at FIRMA2000.

– Procedures in Poland are very detailed and administration of project funding must be precise and accurate. FIRMA2000 is very experienced in such things and we hope Danish enterprises established in Poland will take advantage of our skills, continues Lars Drejer.