Project – Development of a Hydrogen Filter for the Danish Natural Gas Network

Jens  Christiansen

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Project – Development of a Hydrogen Filter for the Danish Natural Gas Network

Membrane Technology

The project is completed.

Project start April 2007. Expected completion March 2010.

The Danish Technological Institute’s hydrogen experts are currently working to develop a prototype of a hydrogen-selective membrane. In the future, hydrogen will also be distributed through the Danish gas network together with natural gas.
Therefore the new filter has to be able to separate the hydrogen and the natural gas and extract the pure hydrogen from the natural gas pipe for the end-user.

A crucial condition for enabling the distribution of hydrogen via the existing Danish natural gas network is the development of a hydrogen-selective membrane, ‘which is why we are actively funding the development in order to have the technology ready’, says Line Nielson from, which is supporting the project.

The hydrogen will be produced from renewable energy sources and used to produce electricity and heat in the houses of the future, as well as hydrogen-powered cars. There are also a number of other conceivable uses for hydrogen.

The development work is being carried out in collaboration with the Danish Gas Technology Centre, which will investigate how the membrane can best be implemented in the natural gas network. The Centre is also responsible for the testing of the membrane.

In the future, it is likely that a commercial filter will be introduced to the market.
The Danish Technological Institute is interested in getting in contact with Danish companies that might be interested in the new hydrogen filter product. 

Project Objectives

  • Develop line up for measuring gas diffusion through membranes.
  • Develop membranes for purification of hydrogen.
  • Develop a membrane unit for the natural gas network.
  • Test membrane unit in a closed gas network.


  • Danish Gas Technology Centre