Project - Biowaste and algae for the production of 2nd generation biofuels - BioWalk4Biofuels

Anne-Belinda  Bjerre

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Project - Biowaste and algae for the production of 2nd generation biofuels - BioWalk4Biofuels

Project start April 2010. Expected completion March 2014.

This project is based on the reflection that biogas produced on waste and algae is a second-generation biofuel with unique properties, meaning that one cannot question its sustainability. Therefore it seems important that the biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality in the project, so it can be used for transport or alternatively on the natural gas network. The purpose of the project is to develop and demonstrate an integrated plant for utilization of organic waste and CO2 from energy production (e.g. power plants) for the production of second-generation biofuel in the shape of biogas – through cultivation of algae.

Despite a growing awareness of utilization of the energy and nutrient resources coming from industry waste, urban sewage, etc., there are still enormous unexploited potentials. Utilization of this potential is not least interesting when taking into account the increasing pressure on the “traditional” biomass resources. Second-generation bioethanol is still at a pre-commercial stage, whereas biogas production on the basis of waste and vegetable biomass is well-documented and in rapid development worldwide. By utilizing waste flows which are not directly applicable in biogas plants for the product of algae and subsequently degasification of these, it is thus possible to “take a shortcut” to production of high-value second-generation biofuel.

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Project Objective

  • Pointing out suitable alga types for biogas production and document the biogas potential from these
  • Developing and demonstrating a biogas plant that utilizes algae produced on sewage
  • Upgrading of biogas to liquid fuel for the transport sector

Seventh Framework Programme





This project is developed under the European Community´s Seventh Framework Programme