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Project - DiabeticLink – a project under Patient@Home

Jørgen  Løkkegaard

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Project - DiabeticLink – a project under Patient@Home

Development of a Health Management System for people living with diabetes

Project start September 2013. Project completion December 2015.

Diabetes is a chronic and costly disease for the individual and for society. According to WHO, the costs of diabetes care will rise sharply in the future all over the world. Effecient diabetes management can avoid worsening of the disease, leading to less complications and lower costs. By the use of the right knowledge, motivation and tools, this can happen!

The DiabeticLink tool is a flagship project of the Patient@home platform. The tool is developed by combining knowledge on health behaviour, communication and education with big data computing, data visualization and health social media. It empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own health and disease through learning and interaction with other diabetics and health professionals.

Together with the inventors, Caduceus Intelligence Corporation and other partners Danish Technological Institute (DTI) will develop a Danish version of the existing DiabeticLink.

DTI’s role is to perform focused interviews and workshop with Danish diabetics and healthcare professionals in order to specify the users’ needs. Furthermore, DTI will facilitate the business plan development and project management of the project.

The project aims to deliver an integrated web portal and smartphone app. It contains tracking tools and social connectivity tools, health information and patient educational resources to ease the self-management of diabetes. DiabeticLink provides these functions through advanced data mining and test processing techniques.

Project Objectives

  • Ethnographic user studies among Danish patients with diabetes (type-1 and type-2)
  • A Danish specification of DiabeticLink
  • Development of a beta version and design of a Danish user interface
  • Testing and adjusting DiabeticLink
  • Launch of the system and plan for continued operation in Denmark


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Region South Denmark
  • Steno Diabetes Center
  • OUH Odense University Hospital
  • Pragmasoft
  • KMD
  • CIC CaduceusIntel
  • Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark


  • Specification of requirements based on focused interviews and idea generation workshops with Danish diabetics and healthcare professionals
  • Development of data content of the Danish system regarding relevant patient education and knowledge about disease management
  • Patient engagement to incorporate relevant patient behavior,health communication and education
  • System design of both mobile application and online portal in terms of modules and user interface to ensure a reliable and appealing appearance
  • Usability testing with relevant actors like diabetics and healthcare professionals
  • Integration of data and exploration and development of interoperability with medical devices, such as blood glucose meter.
  • evelopment of viable explotion and business plans to ensure succesful implementation of DiabeticLink Denmark

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