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Centre for Policy and Business Analysis

Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard

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Centre for Policy and Business Analysis

Centre for Policy and Business Analysis employs a number of consultants and other highly skilled staff who are all educated in the social sciences area. We provide policy and strategy decision-makers – nationally and internationally – with new knowledge and advice. We create new knowledge about trade and industry and society based on facts and analyses. Our clients range from the EU Commission to international organisations, Danish municipalities, regions, ministries, organisations and private enterprises. We are also World Economic Forum's Danish partner.

We use a whole range of socio-economic methods. From observation, qualitative and quantitative interviews, focus groups and panels to evaluation of programmes and legislation, impact assessments, benchmarking, business analysis and future scenarios. We also carry out tech-mining and technology analyses, skill assessments as well as development and learning processes. We have researcher access to the databases of Statistics Denmark and extensive experience with special surveys where we combine survey data with register data. We involve our clients and their interested parties through workshops, seminars and conferences.

We work under four headings:

Trade and industry

The operating conditions of companies, growth, entrepreneurship and innovation are central to our work. Through our analyses, we give insight into and provide documentation of, for instance, business and trade and regional development, environmental policy, research and innovation policy, cluster development and innovation systems. We map growth opportunities and challenges in, for example, local government and across the EU. We focus on areas where companies can grow sustainably. Finally, we use tried and tested methods to map trade and industry as well as growth opportunities.

Competences and skills

We analyse developments in the labour market and help labour the market actors to become better at servicing job applicants and companies. We specialise in youth and adult education and training. We have many years' experience with and analytical insight into the challenges in connection with VET-education as well as adult and continuous education and training. We have extensive process knowledge. We arrange development and learning courses for employees and managers in private and public companies and organisations.


In our analyses of technological opportunities, we draw on the total technological strength of Danish Technological Institute, which has more than 100 years of experience with technology development close to companies. The themes include technology areas such as key enabling technologies (KETs) – automation, welfare technology and digital support of production and services. We have access to global technology databases. Our technology analyses developed in cooperation with Georgia Tech, USA, give new knowledge for policy prioritisation in connection with research and industry and business development.


In cooperation with local authorities, regions and civil organisations we contribute to the welfare solutions of the future. In the welfare area, we work with strategy formulation, analysis and impact assessment, development, facilitation and matchmaking. We operate the 'Municipal Network for Social Innovation', where we equip managers and staff in municipalities to cooperate with companies and ordinary citizens to create new and improved welfare solutions. We work with themes such as quality of life, social innovation and social enterprises. We are often part of both the analytical work and the strategic follow-up at our clients.