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Regional Development and Analysis

Leif Henrik Jakobsen

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Regional udvikling og innovation

Regional Development and Analysis

Danish Technological Institute's Centre for Policy Analysis and Business Development offers services within three key areas:

Digital business strategies focusing on how firms can strategically exploit digital technologies in their business strategies and covering areas such as IT-strategy, IT-analyses, IT-competences, and e-learning.

Innovative organisation forms focusing on how companies can enhance their competitiveness through increased flexibility in their management systems, HRM-development and learning as well as collaborative relationships.

Analyses, evaluations, foresights and scenarios focusing on how national and international policymakers based on knowledge can shape policies and demonstration projects within business development, cluster development, regional policies and educational innovation.

Our services in this area include:

  • labour market analyses;
  • trade analyses;
  • industrial analyses;
  • foresight and scenarios;
  • regional analyses;  and
  • educational analyses.