Job and Career - Applying for a job

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Job and Career - Applying for a job

Investigate what job opportunities are open
At the Danish Technological Institute, the majority of employees are specialists in the disciplines of engineering and science. If there is a particular professional field that you are passionate about, please contact us to hear more about the opportunities we may be able to offer you.

You can follow us on LinkedIn and read about our specific job vacancies.

Applying for a position with us
Our specific job vacancies are listed under the menu option ’Vacant positions’. Here, you can read more about the job and apply online.

All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence. When we receive your application, you will be sent an automatic conformation. Please note that we only accept electronic applications via our online job portal.

The manager looking to hire a new staff member will evaluate all applications together with a person with a professional understanding of the technical job requirements. A short list of candidates will be drawn up and these candidates will then be invited to an interview.

An effective application
For us, both your CV and your application are important. Your CV will tell us about your formal qualifications, such as educational background and previous experience, and your application will tell about your motivation for seeking the position and let us know what you think you will be able to bring to the job.

An effective application will answer everything that we are asking about in the job advertisement. If you should have any questions about the specific vacancy advertised, please contact the contact person listed.

The purpose of our interviews is to enable us to find our more about who you are as a potential colleague. An interview is also your opportunity to get to know who we are, so it is always a good idea for you to ask about anything that you want us to clarify.

For most positions, we will typically hold two rounds of interviews. At the first interview, the manager and the head of the relevant centre will usually be present. At the second interview, you will also meet the divisional director and/or a member of our HR department. At this second interview, you will be asked to provide references. 

Turned down – what next?
If you have been turned down for a specific job, you are still welcome to apply for other jobs within the Danish Technological Institute. Your qualifications will only be evaluated in relation to the specific vacant position that you applied for, so you can always apply for another position with us. And if you were invited to an interview but did not eventually get selected for the job, you can always contact us to learn more, if we do not contact you first. 

For the successful candidate
If you are offered the position and choose to accept it, you will be sent a contract which you must sign and return to us. From here, we will start by registering you in all relevant systems, ordering the equipment you will need for your work, and setting you up in your introduction and mentoring programmes.

Introduction period
As a new member of staff, you will very quickly become involved in specific projects and tasks – it is our experience that this is the best way for you to get started. Because of this, we prioritise setting up the appropriate framework and establishing the best support and developmental opportunities for you, so you are able you make the most of your competencies from day one.  

It is important that you get off to the best start in your new job, and to support this we offer a range of activities aimed at helping you to get to know the Institute and become integrated as quickly as possible. From your first day, you will be paired with a mentor who will be able to help to introduce you to you work tasks and your colleagues.

After three months in your new job, you will be invited to an meeting with your immediate superior where you can talk about your introduction period, discuss how well you are enjoying your work and are developing, and follow up on any expectations either you or your superior may have had.

Within your first twelve months in the job, you will have a meeting with a member of our HR department to follow up on your introduction and discuss wishes for your future career development.