Mapping Smart Cities in the EU

Janne  Sylvest

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Mapping Smart Cities in the EU

‘A Smart City is a city seeking to address public issues via ICT-based solutions on the basis of a multi-stakeholder, municipally based partnership’.

The report Mapping Smart Cities in the EU was commissioned by ITRE, the European Parliament’s Industry Research and Energy Committee, inter alia to provide context for the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

The report was commissioned to provide background information and advice on Smart Cities in the European Union (EU) and to explain how existing mechanisms perform. In exploring this, a working definition of a Smart City is established and the cities fitting this definition across the Member States are mapped. An analysis of the objectives and Europe 2020 targets of Smart City initiatives finds that despite their early stage of development, Smart City objectives should be more explicit, well defined and clearly aligned to city development, innovation plans and Europe 2020 in order to be successful.

The recommendations that emerge from the report can be grouped into five categories:

  • The recommendations in the first group are aimed at improving the knowledge base for and providing lessons for European policy.
  • The second group concerns the design of initiatives and city-level action plans.
  • Third, recommendations are provided concerning governance and to facilitate learning and scaling.
  • The fourth group of recommendations is aimed at measures other than direct support that can be used to stimulate Smart City development.
  • Finally, the fifth group of recommendations are designed to create conditions conducive to the scaling and extension of the most promising Smart City approaches.

Download and read the report Mapping Smart Cities in the EU.