Mobile apps developed at the Concrete Centre

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Mobile apps developed at the Concrete Centre

Mobile apps help us staying connected and facilitate communication in a single touch. With this idea in mind, the Concrete Centre has focused on developing apps to support engineers from the building industry in their decision making. Our main goal is to extend the benefits mobile apps provide from any smartphone to the construction site. The Concrete Centre’s interdisciplinary team of experts have a strong engineering background in concrete infrastructure, testing, mix design, and R&D and product development. Such expertise comes in handy when developing mobiles apps. At present, we are developing a coorporate app focused on infrastructure assessment documentation. Other examples of apps developed at the Concrete Centre are listed as follows. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you are interested in developing a mobile app for your company or if you want to know more about the services we can provide.

Coverbillede til TilstandsappCondition survey of concrete construction
The Danish Technological Institute has developed the Tilstand (in English: “condition survey”) app to support experts in the field of concrete structures assessment. The app offers an up-to-date overview of assessment and repair methods of concrete structures. A reliable structural assessment requires an engineer to possess a broad technical experience. Such engineer is responsible for identifying structural damages, providing an overview of the structure's condition, and indicating appropriate repair methods to be used. The Tilstand app is therefore a useful reference guide that can be accessed anywhere, helping engineers in their decision-making in situ. (Note: This app is only available in Danish)
Link to Tilstand app



Cover til App vedr. SFRSCCSFRSCC
The Danish Technological Institute has developed the SFRSCC app to support experts in the field of steel fibre-reinforced self-compacting concrete (SFRSCC). The main goal is to assist designers and contractors in choosing fibre orientation factors for different SFRSCC applications. Also, this app gives recommendations for the practical handling of SFRSCC on the job site, including a technical comparison between SFRSCC and ordinary self-compacting concrete (SCC). The SFRSCC app is a useful reference guide that can be accessed anywhere from your mobile device.
Link to SFRSCC app




Cover til App vedr. fugtudtørringDrying out moisture from buildings
The Danish Technological Institute developed the Fugtudtørring (in English: drying out moisture) app to help engineers estimate the time and energy expenditure for drying moisture from building structures during the building process. Our research studies have pointed out that approximately 70% of the energy consumed in the Danish construction sites derive from heating and drying processes, which are necessary to keep the moisture level in building materials below 75%. The Fugtudtørring app comes in handy to make quick choices that can help reduce both the drying time and energy consumption, creating a more economical and environmentally friendly drying process. (Note: This app is only available in Danish)
Link to Fugtudtørring app