News from DMRI Research & Innovation - January 2017

Lena  Sloth

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News from DMRI Research & Innovation

News from DMRI Research & Innovation - January 2017

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Only DMRI employees listed

Eli V. Olsen & Margit Dall Aaslyng
Livestock Science
Development of an Index for the assessment of welfare of finishing pigs from farm to slaughter based on expert opinion

Flemming Hansen
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Detection of salmonella in meat in less than 5 hours by a low-cost and non-complex sample preparation method

Helle Daugaard Larsen
Meat Science
Characterization of hemorrhages in the ham topsides and tenderloins of slaughter pigs

Lene Meinert
Food Science and Nutrition
Which product characteristics are preferred by Chinese consumers when choosing pork?

Lene Meinert, Birgitte Lund, Camilla Bejerholm & Margit Dall Aaslyng
Meat Science
Distribution of skatole and androstenone in the pig carcass correlated to sensory characteristics

Jens Theilmann WO2016/202915
Food processing table or conveyor belt with a layer of solidified liquid such as an ice layer and method for producing such solidified liquid