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Packing calculations applied for Concrete Mix Design

Mette  Glavind

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Packing calculations applied for Concrete Mix Design

An article by Mette Glavind and Erik Jørgen Pedersen, Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre
Published at: Proceedings Creating with Concrete, May 1999, University of Dundee

When selecting a concrete mix design, it is always desirable to compose the aggregates as densely as possible, i.e. with maximum packing. That minimises the necessary amount of binder which has to fill the cavities between the aggregates for a constant concrete workability. Apart from an obvious economic benefit, a minimum of binder in concrete results in less shrinkage and creep and a more dense and therefore probably a more durable and strong concrete type. The paper presents a packing model which can be used to optimise the aggregate, both the theory behind, the available computer program and the necessary experimental measurements. Further, the application of packing calculations for concrete mix design to select the types and amounts of materials, to select the amount of binder, and to design the air void system will be described.