Plant Design - Simulation service

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Plant Design

Plant Design - Simulation service

With our FlexSim 3D simulation service you are always one step ahead, and you may sleep better at night

In our design tasks, we offer companies 3D simulations to validate functionality and requirements to capacities, product mix and recipes. We operate the 3D models that are e.g. based on historical data or scaled to the new set-up, modified mix or recipes. With the 3D virtual production model, you can challenge the intended layout and physical infrastructure before sending the intended process in the tender. You can test ideas and various production scenarios: line speed and overloads, buffer capacities, new product mix, productivity, arise of bottlenecks etc.

Using the DMRI service and simulation tool, we can:

  • Validate and optimize the Plant Design
  • Simulate the impact of Plant Modifications
  • Debottlenecking by using actual production data

Plant Design 3D













It is all done using DMRI’s 3D discrete event simulation tool in which each carcass is processed from the quick chilling tunnel to packaging, including information about carcass cost, weight, LMP and classification data – enabling us to:

  • Validate production plans
  • Size equipment and buffers
  • Test impact of equipment capabilities
  • Simulate impact of Plant Design concepts
  • Simulate the impact of e.g. DMRI Pork Profit
  • Visualize the production facility in 3D and Virtual Reality

Plant Design - It's all about return on investment