PlyBond™ - PlyWoodFail™ Description

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PlyBond™ - PlyWoodFail™ Description

PlyWoodFail is a program for the analysis of glue bond performance of plywood shear samples regarding their wood fibre failure area according to EN 314-1. The shear samples must be mounted in a sample holder, and then the software

  • scans the samples using a low-cost flatbed scanner
  • automatically evaluates the surfaces
  • provides the percentage of wood fibre failure of each shear test piece and the mean value for the sample set
  • exports the result to an .xls file or to the PlyBond database

The software is designed to inspect ten individual test pieces at a time. The sample holder is provided together with the software. PlyWoodFail can be adjusted to the various combinations of wood species and glue type which are used for plywood manufacturing all over Europe.

Plywood - samples-in-holder

Samples mounted in a sample holder


Automatic wood fibre failure detection


Result screen