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Production of concrete for the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link exposure site

Claus  Pade

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Production of concrete for the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link exposure site

Article by Claus Pade and Martin Kaasgaard, Danish Technological Institute featured at Nordic Concrete Research Symposium in Tampere, 29 May - 2 June 2011


Femern A/S, the Owner of the coming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, has through an open tender process selected the Concrete Centre at Danish Technological Institute as its external concrete laboratory. As part of a testing program supporting the preparation of material requirements the Concrete Centre’s HighTech Concrete Laboratory produced 30 concrete blocks and a large number of small test specimens from fifteen different mix designs. An extensive testing program was initiated comprising documentation of both fresh and hardened concrete, and large concrete blocks (2 x 1 x 0.2 m) were placed partly submerged in the harbour of Rødbyhavn. These blocks will be monitored at least until the end of the construction period (2020). The batching, mixing and casting of the concrete are described, including how the required maximum 1 %-wt batching deviation was obtained, and the testing program for the documentation of the fresh and hardened concrete properties is provided.

Key words: Concrete production, Batch-to-batch variation, Exposure site, Durability.