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Lars Christian Jacobsen

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Productivity - Simulation service

We offer a consultancy service called Productivity Boost to our customers – a success paid on a success fee.

The objective of the consultancy service is to increase the throughput per operator per hour to have a higher utilization of the operator and the physical installation. The task is not to reduce the number of staff but to use the labour agreement to the full extent.

  • Avoid overtime
  • Avoid idle time
  • Slaughter, cut and bone higher volumes with the same labour cost

Productivity and Efficiency (OEE) go hand in hand. The existing line configuration forms the basis – and there is no requirement of investments in robots or in automation, but alterations might be required to:

  • Buffers
  • Pushers/transfers
  • Modifications to set-up
  • Line-speed
  • Etc.

So, minor investments that will improve efficiency must be allowed for!

For these alterations we can offer to make a 3D simulation prior to purchasing and implementation – verifying the results of the future installation and line staffing. We utilize your production data to run your production in a virtual model of your future production.

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Productivity Boost - based on Success Fee