Products of Biomass - Cosmetics

Anne Maria Hansen

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Products of Biomass - Cosmetics

The market for new, natural and bioactive ingredients in cosmetics is very large and increasing. Substances extracted from plants and other types of biomass can for instance be used to increase shelf life and protect against UV degradation. Many natural substances have bioactive effects such as preserving, healing, anti-inflammatory or emollient effects. Natural substances can make products sustainable and they can contribute to new, attractive and functional properties. We give advice on the chemistry of natural substances and cosmetics. In addition, we are able to mill products on our pilot production plant.


We offer:

  • Identification of possible sustainable sources for cosmetic ingredients
  • Advice and analyses to overcome formulation chemical challenges in connection with the application of new ingredients
  • Advice and pilot scale tests regarding extraction and separation technologies for the extraction of natural substances
  • Characterisation of raw materials and functional properties
  • Milling/micronization of dry raw materials for application in cosmetics


We offer the following technologies: