Profit to go to technological development

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Profit to go to technological development

Danish Technological Institute will be using more resources in the future to help even more Danish businesses create growth and jobs through innovation, productivity improvements and research.

In 2011, Danish Technological Institute achieved a turnover of 981 million Danish kroner (DKK) as opposed to 963 million DKK the previous year. This resulted in a profit of 35 million DKK for 2011, a very good outcome, which according to Managing Director Søren Stjernqvist, should be credited to the Institute's employees who have been efficient and hard-working throughout the year. This money should be used to develop new technologies, products and processes for the benefit of Danish jobs and Søren Stjernqvist is keen to make this happen.

- The Danish business sector needs us, especially in a time of crisis like the present and we feel we have a great responsibility to help lift Denmark’s small and medium-sized businesses out of the crisis. This should be done through innovation, research and by focusing on the productivity of the customer, says Søren Stjernqvist, who emphasizes that the main role of the Institute is to contribute with leading global technology to the more advanced and complex areas of product development and manufacturing which are not so easily outsourced from Denmark.

- We will use the profit from 2011 for new research and investment in modern advanced laboratories and in testing and development facilities – it is here that the technologies of the future are to be developed and tested before they can be implemented in businesses and in society at large, says Søren Stjernqvist.

Open forms of innovation pave the way for the future
Søren Stjernqvist is of the opinion that Danish businesses can survive and possibly even benefit from the current crisis by being open to new cooperative relationships and strategic partnerships:

- Our specialists are out in small and medium-sized Danish businesses every single day, trying out new models for ensuring innovative ability and productivity and new ways of implementing innovation. By encouraging our partners, clients and other relevant participants to get involved we are enabling businesses to test and generate new ideas and technologies. Open collaboration and strategic partnerships can give the Danish service and manufacturing industry, as well as high-technology businesses, better market insight and greater access to new ideas, thus providing better opportunities for the development of new products and services, concludes Søren Stjernqvist.

Further information can be obtained by contacting, Head of Secretariat, Andras Splidt,
Danish Technological Institute, tel. +45 7220 2006,

Søren Stjernqvist, departing president, Danish Technological Institute, as of 1st October 2020.