Performance contract with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

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Performance contract with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

Sustainable food production with improved competitive strength.

Sustainability is a predominant trend. The food industry must comply with this trend to keep market shares and competitive strength. If the Danish food industry is to maintain and expand the present position, production must be based on sustainability.

DMRI has entered into a performance contract on sustainable food production with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The purpose of the plan of action is to create new technological solutions to meet the challenges in the food industry regarding ethical and resource sustainability, and at the same time to strengthen the competitive power.

The activities are focused on:

Sustainability of resources

  • Cooling and freezing
  • Heating
  • Environmentally sound cleaning

Ethical sustainability

  • Optimized transport, lairage and killing systems
  • Documentation of ethics and animal welfare

Economic sustainability

  • Maximum raw meat exploitation
  • Increased value of residual products
  • Tracking systems

The work will be based on our many years of close cooperation with the food and process equipment industry and extensive experience in developing clean and environmentally sound technology as well as technology aimed at promoting efficiency. The activities will take place in cooperation with leading domestic and foreign universities and knowledge centres.

The technological output will include:

  • New solutions for handling slaughter animals - considering animal welfare as well as working environment and efficiency
  • Tracking systems that support the documentation, but are also necessary to control the raw meat and products across the delivery chain
  • Improved raw meat utilization
  • Optimizing resource demanding processes such as cooling, heating and cleaning

The primary target group for the activities is the food industry in Denmark that wishes to prepare the production for the future regarding large challenges such as resources and ethics. The solutions will include new technology and will be very important to the large group of industries comprising the machine and process equipment industry as well as suppliers of raw meat, subsidiary materials and services to the food industry.