Project - Energy efficient water pump with natural cooling agents

Per Henrik Pedersen

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Project - Energy efficient water pump with natural cooling agents

Energy efficient heat pump for water for domestic use with natural cooling agents.

Start date for project January 2015. Expected completion 2017.

Purpose of project
The purpose is to develop and test a heat pump for domestically used water, which utilizes natural cooling agents and is more efficient and competitive in comparison to the HFC-model.

It is an objective that the new product will be placed in the energy class A++ in the coming energy labelling scheme for heatpumps. This corresponds to a increase in efficiency on almost 30%. After the project the product will need to mature. The new produkt til be marketed and commercialised and it will be attempted to increase awareness among the public in Denmark.


The project is divided into five phases:

  1. State of the art project management and development of a measurement program (UDV).
  2. Examination of security conditions and international regulations on the use of propan as a cooling agent (TGU).
  3. Building, implementation and testing og the first prototype system (UDV).
  4. Accredited test of second prototype system (TD).
  5. Drawing up a report and a paper (UDV).


  • Danish Technological Institute - Per Henrik Pedersen (project leader)
  • Vesttherm A/S - Torben Lauridsen
  • EBM Papst

The project is funded by MUDP.