Project - Removal of CO2 from biogas

Andreas Peter Vestbø

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Project - Removal of CO2 from biogas

Development of a CO2-selective membrane

Project start 10.2011. Expected completion 09.2013.

The project has focus on the development and production of zeolite based membranes, which can be used for cleaning of biogas. Biogas produced in an anaerobe biogas reactor contains 25 to 45 % carbon dioxide. The CO2 is undesirable, if the gas is going to be distributed for long distances.

Commercial biogas upgrading technologies, include cryo-distillation, pressure swing absorption and absorption towers. These technologies are, however, costly or have high running costs. A membrane solution is expected to be cheaper and having lower maintenance costs.

Project Objectives

  • Synthesis of zeolites with high CO2 selectivity
  • Development of CO2 selective membrane composites
  • Prototype - and test of developed membrane system
  • Cost analysis in comparison with existing separation technologies


  • Totax A/S
  • Danish Technological Institute