Project - TailorCrete

Anita  Rasmussen

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Project - TailorCrete

New industrial technologies for tailor-made concrete structures at mass customized prices

Project start 01.08.2009. Completied 31.01.2014.

Due to its shape ability concrete will be a preferable construction material in the digitalized architecture of the future. Through the next 4 years new industrialized methods to fabricate concrete structures in new shapes will be developed. By the use of robot technology, research in new formwork and reinforcement for concrete structures will be the focus areas of the project.

Project Objectives
The main goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate an industrialized process for production of digital concrete architecture of the future using a radically new and cost effective approach.

  • Exploring architectonic possibilities in digital fabricated concrete structures
  • Development of new formwork including formwork materials and coatings
  • Development of new reinforcement for concrete structures in new shapes
  • Development of new digital fabrication techniques using automation and robot technology
  • Implementation of digital fabrication tools into digital design tools
  • Simulation of formfilling of self-compacting concrete
  • Execution of full-scale prototypes
  • Life-cycle assessment of the developed concept
  • Expanding existing standards and codes for concrete structures in new shapes


  • Bekaert (BL)
  • Chalmers (SE)
  • Czech Technical University (CZ)
  • DesignToProduction (CH)
  • Dragados (ES)
  • El Caleyo Nuevas Technologias (ES)
  • ETH Zürich (CH)
  • Gibotech A/S (DK)
  • Grace (DE)
  • Paschal Danmark A/S (DK)
  • Superpool (TR)
  • Unicon A/S (DK)
  • Universiy of Southern Denmark (DK)
  • Danish Technological Institute (Project manager) (DK)