Project - Time to use gasification plants intelligently

Jens  Christiansen

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Project - Time to use gasification plants intelligently

Catalytic decomposition of tar

Project start 10.2010. Expected completion 12.2012.

The completed development of a new gas cleaning technology for gasification plants will pave the way for new fuels for ‘green’ electricity production and ‘green’ transport - and for export of Danish energy technologies.

In a new project, new high-technology solutions are about to be implemented in gasification plants. The technology aim to remove tar and other impurities from gasification plants.

- To realise the political ambition of reorganising the energy supply, new technologies have to be developed to replace the existing fossil fuel-based energy production. And one promising solution is biomass gasification, as the clean syngas, consisting of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, can be used for several purposes. For instance, it can be used to produce petrol, dimethyl ether and methanol or ‘green’ electricity using turbine technology, says Jens Christiansen, Head of Section from the Danish Technological Institute, adding that although the gasification process is a well-known technology, the challenge is to obtain a syngas sufficiently clean for the subsequent processes to operate satisfactorily.

Sound business potential
The project is aiming to pave the way for new fuels produced from the clean syngas from the gasification plant. In the project, the Danish Technological Institute cooperates with the small testing company ChimneyLab Europe ApS and the catalyst company Haldor Topsoe A/S.

 - We’ve great expectations for the project and see a sound business potential in cleaning gasification gas, says Poul Erik Hojlund Nielsen, Head of Haldor Topsoe A/S’ exploratory catalysis research projects. Both in Denmark and abroad, we can see an interest in the technology and the types of fuels it can produce.

The project participants will also develop mobile test reactors for subsequent testing at existing gasification plants in Skive, Harboøre and Græsted in Denmark. Once the project has been completed, the mobile test reactors are intended to be used at various gasification plants in Europe, and Haldor Topsoe A/S aims to commercialise the technology.

The project is funded by the Danish Energy Agency under the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme.

Project Objectives

  • Development of catalytic materials for tar cracking and decomposition of other impurities
  • Development of a mobile test reactor for cleaning of syngas (H2 and CO)
  • Two to three field-test at exsisting gasifier plants


  • Haldor Topsøe A/S
  • ChimneyLab Europe ApS
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • Danish Technological Institute