Projects - Improving Food Festivals via Experience Technologies

Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen

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Projects - Improving Food Festivals via Experience Technologies

Project start January 2016. Project completion November 2016.

This project creates and disseminates knowledge of cross-industry innovation in the intersection between experience technologies and food experiences at food festivals in Denmark and Germany.

SMEs in the food- and gastro industry are generally looking for new ways to actively involve guests during Food Festivals, Food Markets and Restaurant experiences via new interactive experience technologies (e.g. light design, interactive walls, mobile media etc.). On the other hand, the guests are looking for more engaging experiences than just tasting the food. So far the experience technology industry has mainly collaborated with amusement parks and museums and it is new for them to focus on the food- and gastro industry. The project both looks at opportunities within consumer food products and eating-out experiences at restaurants.


  • Create a cross-sectoral network between experience technology suppliers and the food- and gastro industry
  • Visit food festivals in Denmark and Germany to create knowledge
  • Draft ideas for which new experience technologies could be developed targeted the food- and gastro industry

When those ideas have been drafted, they will form the basis of a larger project application.


  • Invio – Innovation Network for Experience Economy
  • Cluster food industry @ Brandenburg, Germany
  • Cluster Tourism Brandenburg
  • Danish Technological Institute