RFID test and knowledge lab at the DTI joins the GS1 in Europe Lab Network

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RFID test and knowledge lab at the DTI joins the GS1 in Europe Lab Network

A collaborative effort between GS1 Denmark and the Danish Technological Institute’s RFID test and knowledge lab has resulted in the DTI’s RFID test centre being successfully admitted into the GS1 in Europe EPC Lab Network. 

The Lab Network is a collaboration between nine European RFID/EPC test centres who have undertaken to work closely together, and to this end have formed the European EPC Lab Network whose principle aim is to support the adoption of RFID/EPC technology in Europe.
The EPC, or Electronic Product Code, is a technology based upon GS1 EPC global standards enabling the identification of objects, data capture and sharing of information among trading partners throughout the supply chain via RFID.

The addition of the DTI RFID test lab brings with it additional and unique competencies to the GS1 in Europe Lab Network which will enhance the overall service offering that the Network can now supply. The DTI’s unique combination of transport simulation and EPC global RFID testing can simulate and document performance in any transport mode and climate (harsh environment testing: Cold and warm chain) from the Equator to the North Pole.

Test scenarios developed in accordance to ISO 17025 and ISTA certified Full Supply Chain Simulation and Testing facility including GS1’s EPC global RFID portal and conveyor test scenarios.

The 9 European EPC Lab Network consists of

  • RFID/EPC global Test- and Knowledge Centre at the DTI - Denmark
  • RFID/EPC global Test CENTER - Austria
  • Laboratoire RFID EPCglobal - France
  • European EPC Competence Center (EECC) - Germany
  • EPC lab of Indicod (GS1 Italy) - ECR - Italy
  • National EPC/RFID Laboratory -  Poland
  • EPC Competence Centre - Spain
  • The EPC Global RFID test centre - UK
  • GS1 Norway EPC RFID lab - Norway

In addition to exchanging information, software and test tools, the European EPC Labs will pool resources when developing common educational training programs, showcases as well as new services specifically adapted for the European market.
The idea behind this initiative is to combine the local strengths of those labs in their respective countries with their complementary industry, unique testing competencies and process knowledge. Pan-European companies are especially interested in the European EPC Lab Network as it supports them in the adoption of the RFID technology and EPC technology with their trading partners.

The Danish RFID test lab, established 2005, works under the auspices of the Packaging and Transport simulation test facility at DTI. This facility was established more than 40 years ago by the Danish food producers and retailers in order to meet modern supermarket supply chain demands for consumer and transport packaging.

Over the years, the DTI’s logistics department has collaborated closely with GS1 and the GS1 fully owned EPC global organisation on development and implementation in areas such as bar-coding, EANCOM EDI, GDS - master data synchronisation,
e-business and RFID in numerous commercial and research and development projects.

Future steps for the Lab Network is the plan to develop and launch a European EPC competence centre service targeting retailers and manufacturers from different European countries to aid them in their RFID initiatives. If, for example, a retailer wants to include suppliers from several countries in Europe, such as Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain or the UK into their RFID roll-outs.

The European EPC Lab Network would be able to support those activities with a complete portfolio of services including educational training and compliance approvals among others. The suppliers would be able to contact the EPC lab in their country while testing and approving their products according to the retailer’s specifications and requirements. This service within the framework of the European EPC Lab Network is intended to support every RFID/EPC adopter in Europe to realise faster and more efficiently their pan-European EPC and RFID activities.

Further information
Director DTI: Lars Germann +45 72 20 14 00 or e-mail: lgp@teknologisk.dk

CEO GS1 Denmark: Erland Nielsen +45 3927 8527 or e-mail: en@gs1.dk