Advanced automation

Henrik  Jacobsen

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Advanced automation

New robot technology enables competition with countries that have traditionally lower production costs, because advanced automation provides increased productivity and thereby enables lower sales prices along with increased revenue.

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) can help you achieve these results that require in-depth knowledge about automation tools and how you can use these tools in practice to improve your competitive position.

When you are upgrading your production with robot technology, there are a lot of unknown factors and variables that affect how successful the project will turn out to be. DTI can help your automation project to succeed.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation
  • Courses and education
  • Research and innovation

In the video below you can see how we helped DISA - among other things, by making use of a digital robot simulation that minimises risks of expensive miscalculations significantly.

Note: Make sure to turn on subtitles in the YouTube player.